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As a skilled graphic designer, I approached the flyer design for Warren May with a clear understanding of the company’s branding and style guidelines. Firstly, I gathered all the relevant information about the purpose and content of the flyer, as well as the target audience. With this information in mind, I began drafting initial design concepts, experimenting with typography, color schemes, and imagery. Once I had a few solid concepts, I shared them with the client and made revisions according to their feedback and preferences. I refined the final design, ensuring that it was eye-catching, informative, and engaging for readers. I also ensured that the layout was easy to follow, with a clear hierarchy of information. Throughout the design process, I paid close attention to the small details, such as ensuring the font was legible and consistent, and that the colors aligned with the company’s branding. The end result was a professional-looking flyer that effectively communicated the key messages and served as a valuable marketing tool for Warren May.

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